Digital Licence for Teachers

Empower your students to make informed decisions about their online behaviour.

How it works

Online, teacher driven certification program

One-on-one Learning

Online cyber safety quiz to be completed individually allowing students to carefully consider their answers to real life scenarios.

Teacher Driven

Feel confident in delivering the topics with comprehensive and flexible teaching resources.

Sharing the Knowledge

Promotes discussion about online safety between young people and their parents/whanau, family, teachers and friends.

Features of the Digital Licence

Alignment with the NZ Curriculum

Integrate the pre teaching activities within the learning areas of Health and Physical Education, Social Science and Technology.

Develop Critical Digital Skills

Help protect students against cyber bullying, risky behaviours, and privacy breaches by equipping them with the tools and strategies to remain safe online.

Support Resources

Combine technical, ethical and behavioural lessons, supported by an array of activities, which are differentiated, engaging and thought provoking.

Comprehensive & Flexible

Eight modules with an abundance of fun and engaging online questions to promote discussion. Flexible in both implementation and teaching approach regardless of teaching style and student cohort.

‘Real Life’ Learning

Places students in real life scenarios during both the online component and pre teaching lessons to create meaning and explore consequences in a safe environment.

Community Resource

Flexibility to engage parents, friends & carers by setting modules for home learning, to encourage shared & agreed online values.

Common Questions