Teach children to be smart, safe and responsible online with the Digital Licence

A comprehensive and engaging certification program for online safety and responsibility.

Haere Mai to the Digital Licence!

Did you know?

Eight out of ten people in New Zealand now own a smartphone or tablet, and 88% of us use social media every month.

The Digital Licence is one of the most comprehensive online cyber safety resources available. It embraces the benefits of technology and at the same time educates and protects children from online risks.

Incorporating two certifications targeting children under 13 and children 13 and over with age appropriate content focusing on digital reputation, online safety and digital wellbeing. By placing children in real life scenarios they will explore and develop tools and strategies to remain safe online.

How it works

Created by cyber safety experts, teachers and psychologists, the Digital Licence is a must have resource to keep your children safe online.

Develop Critical Digital Skills

Help protect students against cyber bullying, risky behaviors, and privacy breaches by equipping them with the tools and strategies to remain safe online.

Comprehensive Program

Eight modules with an abundance of fun and engaging online questions to promote discussion. Combines technical, ethnical and behavioral lessons, supported by an array of activities which are differentiated, engaging and thought provoking.

Community Resource

Flexibility to engage parents, friends and carers by setting modules for home learning, to encourage shared and agreed online values.

Topics covered

The Digital Licence is comprised of eight key digital topics, which combine learning resources and interactive quizzes to evaluate comprehension.

Digital Devices

Safe vs unsafe apps, virus types, cloud storage, and caring for devices

Protecting Privacy

Passwords, scams, protecting private information and trust within the online world

Searching & Researching

Search engines and filters, file downloading, and dealing with offensive content

Creating & Sharing

Copyright and plagiarism, sharing of images and videos, and reporting offensive and inappropriate content

Social Networking & Gaming

Digital rights and responsibilities, social media, and gaming

Communicating Safely Online

Instant messaging, emailing, video calling, and appropriate vs inappropriate communication online

Credits, Cards & Tokens

Online transactions, in game and in app purchasing, scams, and phishing

Friends & Strangers (Digital Licence under 13 years)

Fake accounts online, cyber bullying, unwanted contact, and managing friends online

Relationships & Reputation (Digital Licence 13 Plus)

Unwanted contact online, trust and respectful relationships, peer pressure, risky behaviours, and legal issues

The Digital Licence was 'Highly Commended' in the 2015
Australia & New Zealand Internet Awards (ANZIA) for
Security and Safety and Certified by the Office of the eSafety Commissioner in Australia.

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